Can Your Diet Effect Your Skin?

Happy Smiling Young Woman With Glass Of Fresh WaterMany people work hard to have glowing, healthy skin. Radiant skin is a mark of having good health and can add a significant boost to your confidence. By contrast, having blemished or unhealthy skin can damage your self-esteem. If you’ve had little to no success correcting the issue, it can add stress to the situation. However, many people fail to realize that their diet can play a role in having healthy-looking skin. If you’re wondering what you may need to add or remove from your diet to have healthier skin, here are a few things to consider as you look to give your skincare routine a jolt.

Drinking More Water

We all understand that drinking water is essential to our well-being, but many people struggle to drink an adequate amount. A harsh reality is that some people prefer the taste of other beverages over water, but this thinking can adversely affect your skin. Water is essential for hydrating your vital organs and helping your body remove waste and toxins that can affect you–––including the skin. Some toxins contain properties that block your pores and cause blemishes. Drinking water helps to eliminate these toxins and helps keep your pores free from blemish-causing toxins.

To have healthy, radiant skin, most experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water daily and increasing this number to account for warmer temperatures in hotter months to keep yourself hydrated and care for your skin. 

Sugary Foods

We all enjoy the occasional sweet treat. However, over-indulgence in high-sugar foods can be problematic for your skin. Many experts believe that there is a correlation between consuming sugary foods and developing blemishes on your skin. When your blood sugar spikes, it can cause inflammation in your body, which can include acne breakouts.

Processed Foods

Like having a high-sugar diet, consistently eating processed foods can also adversely affect your skin. Many processed foods have high amounts of oil, which can alter your hormones and cause blemishes. Foods you should avoid can include

  • Ready-made meals
  • French fries
  • Pizza
  • Hamburgers

As with many aspects of your health, having a diet that includes water, fruits, and vegetables can help your skin look and feel its best.

However, skincare can sometimes need professional intervention despite your best efforts. Dr. Tarbet can provide many personalized and innovative skin care treatments to help provide you with beautiful, glowing skin. For more on how we can help, please schedule a consultation with our Bellevue office by calling us today at 425-455-2131.

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