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Varicose laser treatment on female legs in clinicMany people struggle with some type of skin condition at some point. Vascular lesions and discoloration can occur as a chronic dermatologic condition or may result from photodamage. Conditions that show up on the skin can have a detrimental effect on self-confidence and quality of life. Laser treatment like Excel V can help.

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What is Excel V?

Excel V is an innovative laser treatment that has been developed to correct a variety of skin conditions while simultaneously enhancing patient comfort and safety. The system targets abnormal blood vessels beneath the skin with a high-power green laser. The energy from this laser heats vessels, causing them to fade away so normal skin tone can be restored. Designed by Cutera, the Excel V laser device combines precise laser energy with modern cooling technologies that soothe the skin before, during, and after each pulse.

Who is a candidate for an Excel V treatment?

an example of and individual with spider veins.Many people are good candidates for Excel V treatment. The device has performed well with the full range of skin types in the Fitzpatrick skin type scale. Whether you have very light skin or very dark skin, you may be a good candidate for Excel V treatment due to the variability between the 532nm wavelength and 1064nm wavelength.

This treatment can successfully address concerns including varicose veins, spider veins, cherry angiomas, port wine stains, and rosacea. The customizable device settings allow us to treat the precise conditions and preferences of each patient. Patients have a thorough consultation with us prior to treatment to determine if an Excel V laser is suitable for their needs and goals.

What are the benefits of this laser treatment?

One of the most prominent benefits of the Excel V treatment protocol is that is it highly adjustable. The variable settings ensure that we can deliver the precise level of treatment that matches the patient’s skin type and condition. This adaptable treatment allows us to deliver short pulses of energy for superficial blemishes and longer pulses for vascular conditions affecting deeper layers of tissue, such as varicose veins. The device also has an extensive range of spot sizes, allowing us to treat very small target areas with a great amount of precision. The adjustable spot size also facilitates faster treatment for larger target areas.

Excel V Laser Before and After Images

A before and after image of a person who underwent an excel v laser treatment by Dr. Tarbet.

How many Excel V sessions will I need?

Some people need only one session. However, we determine the appropriate treatment protocol based on various parameters, including the thickness, color, and overall size of the vascular lesion.

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Is there any downtime after my Excel V session?

Most patients experience only mild side effects from their Excel V treatment, such as subtle redness and swelling. Bruising is possible but rarely occurs. Within a few days after the laser procedure, these side effects are usually resolved.

How long will my Excel V results last?

The improvements achieved with Excel V treatments can be very long-lasting. However, it is important to continue good sun care and skin care habits to minimize future sun damage and premature aging.

What are the risks of this laser treatment?

Treatment of spider veins with the excel v laser. Very few complications or severe side effects have been reported by patients who have undergone Excel V laser treatment. Before FDA-approval, this device was tested through stringent clinical trials, in which it performed exceedingly well. The Excel V laser produces results in a short amount of time with very few side effects for most people. The most common effects associated with this treatment include mild redness and swelling. Some patients notice a slight bruising. When Excel V targets sun spots and freckles, the spots darken and then turn gray before fading away over about one week.

Is the Excel V laser safe?

Yes. Thorough clinical testing has proven that the Excel V laser device can perform well with few side effects. Treatment should only be administered by a trained, board-certified professional.

Is Excel V laser painful?

The Excel V device fires laser pulses quickly. This can feel like a rubber band snapping against the skin. However, sensations are decreased by the built-in cooling system that delivers lower temperatures before and after each laser pulse. Unlike some laser treatments, the Excel V is tolerable for most patients without the need for a local anesthetic cream. If you are concerned about how your laser treatment will feel, talk to your provider so they can help make your experience as pleasant as possible.

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