NovaThreads: What Can They Do For You?

novathreadsPDO NovaThreads are the trendiest and most innovative minimally invasive facial treatment to emerge in decades. These absorbable threads offer skin tightening and facial rejuvenation without sutures — they’re the latest and greatest in non-surgical aesthetics, and Dr. Kristin J. Tarbet delivers expert treatment in our Bellvue, WA, office.

Read on to discover exactly how NovaThreads work and how they may help you reach your cosmetic goals this year.

What Are NovaThreads?

PDO in NovaThreads stands for polydioxanone thread, a synthetic absorbable surgical suture that is extremely safe and effective. They are the essential ingredient used to physically lift tissue and enhance collagen production.

Because NovaThreads safely stimulate collagen production, it is the essence of go-to treatments to redefine the contour of a face. NovaThread treatment is particularly effective at tightening skin on the neck, lower and midface, and jawline for those aspiring to return to a youthful look.

NovaThread treatment effectively lifts and firms the skin immediately, which reduces wrinkles. Moreover, it promotes increased firmness over time as the new collagen is stimulated to develop internally. The complete effect of collagen production happens by the seventh month, with results lasting anywhere from 8 to 14 months.

Less Invasive Facial Rejuvenation

NovaThreads are used to provide patients with a less invasive, more affordable, quicker option for facial rejuvenation than a surgical procedure. Patients undergoing a NovaThread treatment can expect the process to take under an hour.

After receiving a local anesthetic, the PDO threads are inserted using delicate needles. In only a couple of days, patients typically resume regular activities. NovaThread treatment can be safely combined with other cosmetic treatments like neuromodulators and dermal fillers to create even more impactful results.

7 Benefits of PDO NovaThreads

NovaThread treatment offers many benefits, but patients consider these 7 the most impressive:

  1. Work immediately
  2. Natural-looking results
  3. Minimal downtime
  4. Stimulate natural collagen production
  5. Proven safety
  6. Versatile and customizable, even with other treatments
  7. No surgery required

It’s easy to see why NovaThread treatments have become so popular as a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure.

Are you Ready to Find Out More About Novathread Treatments?

Dr. Tarbet is a triple board-certified expert in facial rejuvenation and plastic surgery. Her 30+ years of experience have helped her transform thousands of lives. She is also a clinical professor and preceptor at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Washington.

She would love to help you discover a new you with the perfect rejuvenation treatments.

To schedule a consultation, please complete a contact form. You can also reach our office at 425-455-2131. We proudly serve Bellevue, WA, Kirkland, and surrounding areas but welcome patients from anywhere in the world.

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