Surprising Benefits of FaceTite

facetiteAs our body starts the natural aging process, we lose elastin and collagen, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. In the past, plastic surgery was the only option for people wanting to reverse the effects of aging. However, a new alternative to give us a more youthful appearance is FaceTite.

What Is Facetite?

Dr. Kristen J. Tarbet offers FaceTite, a procedure that doesn’t require surgery and is primarily used to tighten the skin and give your skin more collagen by using radio frequency-assisted lipolysis. FaceTite uses sedation methods to ensure a pain-free procedure, while a small slit is made below the ear, and a probe stimulates tissue tightening. While this is happening, the radio frequency waves travel throughout the parallel arms. This allows the face and neck areas to achieve matching results. 

Benefits of Getting FaceTite Done

There are many benefits of getting a FaceTite procedure done, including the following: 

  • Gives an appearance of a slimmer face. FaceTite is known to provide you with a tighter and contoured face to make it look thinner. FaceTite will give you the youthful appearance you are striving for.
  • Fast Results and Recovery. A few days after your procedure is done, you will start to see some effects. For full results, it will take up to eight weeks to see your desired outcome. Additionally, you will have a quicker recovery time, as you won’t need any surgical procedures. You may experience slight swelling or redness, but you will be able to perform your daily activities right after your procedure.
  • No scars. FaceTite doesn’t leave any scarring because it doesn’t require any cuts or stitches. 
  • Painless. While this kind of procedure might sound painful, it is actually relatively painless, as we provide you with a local anesthetic and sedation before the treatment starts. 
  • Customizable. FaceTite treatments allow you to create your own plan to fix the issues you want to focus on. 

Schedule Your FaceTite Consultation Today!

Ready to achieve a youthful and slimmer-looking face? Call Dr. Kristen J. Tarbet in Bellevue, WA, at 425-455-2131 to schedule your FaceTite consultation and discuss ways to improve your aging skin. Dr. Tarbet is Bellevue’s top female plastic surgeon. She is double board-certified and specializes in oculoplastic surgery.


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