Which eyebrow lift surgery is best for you?

Eyebrow LiftIf you’re tired of people saying you look tired, then you may be considering eyebrow lift surgery. Also known as a forehead lift, this surgery can correct droopy eyebrows and skin over the eyelids, smooth out creases in the forehead and reduce the appearance of frown lines. Read on to learn more about eyebrow lift surgery and the difference in methods.

How is surgery performed?

An eyebrow lift is an outpatient surgery that takes 1-3 hours depending on what you are having done. Local anesthesia with sedation or general sedation will be used.

There are two methods for surgery: Endoscopic brow lift and classic brow lift. The technique that’s best for you depends on the elasticity, thickness, and texture of your skin, bone structure, and overall appearance and position of the eyebrows and eyelids.

The endoscopic brow lift is the preferred method as it comes with a shorter recovery time and minimal scarring. For this surgery, 3-5 short incisions will be made in the hairline. A small camera is inserted through one of the incisions, which will help visualize the area being treated. Other surgical instruments will be inserted through the other incisions to manipulate the skin and muscles in the eyebrow, eyelid, and forehead region. The incisions are hidden within the hairline.

The coronal or classic brow lift consists of making one long incision that runs along the hairline from ear to ear. The incision may be made behind the hairline. Excess skin and fat are removed, while the remaining skin and muscle are repositioned to achieve the desired result.


The results vary, based on whether you want subtle or dramatic changes to your appearance. Your goals will determine the results, and you will see a more youthful, restful-looking appearance just days after the surgery with continuous healing and final results within one year.

An eyebrow lift can be performed in combination with other procedures and treatments to help you achieve more dramatic results. To learn whether you are a candidate for surgery, call 425-455-2131 today for a consultation

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