Winter Skincare Tips and Tricks

‘Tis the season for cooler temperatures. Yes, winter is here. Although our weather may not change as dramatically here as it does in other states, it’s still important to be switching up your skincare routine with the seasons.

Wear Sunscreen Every Day

This is easily the most important item on the list. Sunscreen isn’t only for summer, it’s crucial to wear SPF in the winter and the rest of the year. In addition to keeping your skin looking healthy and young, sunscreen is the best defense against developing skin cancer. Wear at least SPF 30, but also note that anything over SPF 50 does not provide additional coverage.

Ease Up on Exfoliating

It may be tempting to exfoliate when your skin starts to get dry, but it’s best to limit exfoliation this time of year. Once you start to exfoliate, it’s easy to go overboard which makes it harder for your skin to heal. If you do want to exfoliate, don’t use physical exfoliants on your face. Opt for chemical exfoliants to avoid micro-tears or tiny tears that can occur from scrubs with beads or nutshells.

Invest in Eye Cream and Lip Balm

If eye cream and lip balm aren’t already part of your regular skincare routine, now is a great time to add them in. These products help keep sensitive areas of skin well hydrated and looking and feeling healthy.

Stay Hydrated

Beautiful skin starts from the inside and drinking plenty of water helps your skin stay hydrated. Just because the temperature is cooler doesn’t mean you should cut back on your water intake.

Another tip for keeping your skin well-hydrated is to shorten your showers and use cooler water.

Mask it Up

Try a mask! Not only are masks fun, but they offer incredible benefits, particularly overnight masks. Your skin does most of its regeneration overnight, so take advantage of that by wearing a mask to sleep.

We hope these tips help you continue looking your best no matter the time of year. If you’re interested in a more personalized plan or specific products for your skincare regimen, call our office to set up a consultation at 425-455-2131. We’d love to discuss your skincare goals and treatment options.

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