Don’t Get Lippy: 3 Unique Facts About Lip Cancer

>Mohs Surgery Bellevue WAMost patients are aware of the importance of skin cancer prevention and wear sunscreen on a daily basis. However, one part of the body that is often overlooked is the lips. In fact, in one study, in particular, 70 percent of beachgoers didn’t apply for lip protection at all.

Although lip cancer is not typically talked about, it is certainly not uncommon. In fact, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation, lip cancer makes up a remarkable .6 percent of all forms of cancers in the U.S. To help you feel more informed about this infrequently discussed the form of cancer, we have created a brief guide listing a few important facts.

Males Are More Likely to Get Lip Cancer

When you typically think of the lips, you likely associate them with a lipstick wearing female. However, did you know that men are more likely to get lip cancer than their female counterparts? According to studies, men are 3-13 times more likely to develop lip cancers, likely due to things such as a combination of greater tobacco and alcohol use, and occupation-related sun exposure.

The Bottom Lip Is More At Risk

Did you know that your bottom lip is at a greater risk of developing lip cancer than your top lip? Because your bottom lip sticks out a bit further than your top one, it receives more sun exposure— making it a bigger target.

Mohs is a Good Treatment Option

For the early stages of lip cancer, it may be treated in a variety of ways including radiation, cryotherapy, and surgery. For lip tumors, however, Mohs is considered to be one of most effective options for patients, because of its high cure rate (90-100 percent) and its ability to conserve healthy tissue. During Mohs microscopic surgery, thin layers of the skin will be removed and examined. If malignant lip cancer cells are detected, more skin will be removed until the cancer is all gone.

If you have recently been diagnosed with lip cancer and would like to learn more about Mohs, contact Dr. Kristin J. Tarbet today.

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