How to maintain plastic surgery results

Beauty Woman face Portrait close upIf you are thinking about undergoing plastic surgery, then you know that it’s an investment in your appearance. It takes time, money and effort, so you want to protect your investment for years to come. The good news is there are many simple things you can do to maintain your results. Here are some great tips to prolong results.

Incisions & Scarring

After your procedure, you will have several instructions on how to care for incisions to ensure they heal properly and fade nicely over time. While scarring is inevitable with most plastic surgery procedures, the surgeon will work to place incisions where they can be easily hidden. If you undergo eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, then the scars can be hidden in the crease of the upper eyelid or behind the lashline of the lower eyelid. It’s important that you follow all post-operative instructions on how to care for your incisions. Avoid strenuous activity that can strain your scars, causing them to become more visible. It’s especially important to wear sunscreen and minimize sun exposure of your incision as sun exposure can darken the new skin and make your scar stick out. Also be sure to keep the incisions clean and use whatever scar care ointments you are prescribed to prevent infection and ensure proper healing.

Skin Care Products

You’ll also want to practice great skin care to ensure you prolong results. Even if you had a skincare routine before you had surgery, you will want to discuss what products you’re using and what you may have to change up after surgery. Medical-grade skin care products used in the right order at the right time will help maintain and enhance your results.

Diet & Exercise

While you can’t stop the hands of time from continuing to take its toll on your body or control the role of your genetics in the aging process, you can focus on a healthy diet and regular exercise. Many plastic surgery procedures involve removing fat, so if you gain weight, you may see fat cells expand in other areas of your body. A good diet and exercise program is not only a good thing in general for everyone, but for plastic surgery patients, it will help you avoid stretching your skin and negate any improvements you made with surgery. Also consider other lifestyle habits and cut back on alcohol and smoking to maintain surgical results.

Plastic surgery often inspires patients with extra motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle after they see their results. If you are considering how plastic surgery can enhance your appearance, please call 425-455-2131 today to set up a consultation.

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