The Ins and Outs of Microneedling

Are fine lines getting you down? But you don’t necessarily want to go under the knife? You might want to look into microneedling.

Microneedling treats your skin from the outside to help stimulate collagen inside, making skin look fresher and revitalized. Similar to older methods like dermal rolling, microneedling creates tiny, little tears in the skin using ultra-fine needles. These tiny tears incite a healing response which helps stimulate collagen production.

Collagen is the protein that gives your skin firmness, which helps to smooth out fine lines. Collagen also gets produced when your body is in need of healing, which is the response that microneedling invokes. As a result, the treated skin looks smoother, younger, and all-around healthier.

What Does Microneedling Improve?

Following microneedling the collagen that’s produced helps approve the appearance of your skin in just about every way. When collagen is healthier and stronger, the skin becomes tighter and less likely to show fine lines and wrinkles. The texture of your skin will improve and even your pores will appear smaller. UV damage, scars, and stretch marks should also fade away.

Who is a Good Candidate for Microneedling?

In general, microneedling can be helpful for most adults. This treatment is especially beneficial for those with cystic acne scars. Other than that, microneedling can help improve the overall appearance of your skin.

When Will I See Results?

It can take as little as one microneedling treatment to see several weeks of glowing, smooth skin. However, your results will vary based on your age and the level of damage your skin has. Depending on the level of improvement you’re looking for, you may need to schedule a series of treatments. Every treatment will help to increase the production of collagen, giving you more dramatic results. If you continue getting microneedling treatments once or twice a year, you can help maintain your results for years.

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If microneedling seems like the solution to your skincare woes, schedule a consultation with us! It’s as simple as calling 425-455-2131 to schedule a consultation. Our practice proudly serves Bellevue, Seattle, and surrounding areas in Washington.

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