Making Your Eyelashes Pop With Latisse®

Brunette female red lipstick smiling on gray backgroundHaving thick, beautiful eyelashes can be the perfect way to complement any style. Many companies market products with the promise of providing users with the eyelashes of their dreams; however, these products often fall short of expectations leaving customers frustrated with having lost both time and money. Dr. Tarbet can provide innovative treatment to help you finally get the eyelashes you’ve always dreamed of. Latisse® is an FDA-approved treatment designed to help you achieve a set of eyelashes that you can be proud to show off. Here are a few points on how it works and if it may be the treatment for you.

What is Latisse®?

First introduced in 2001, Latisse® began as a treatment for high eye pressure. However, many patients reported growing longer, fuller eyelashes as an unexpected side-effect of the medication. Allergan, the company responsible for the invention of Latisse®, later discovered that the active ingredient bimatoprost was responsible for patients growing thicker eyelashes. Now, many people use Latisse® as a way to get the beautiful eyelashes they’ve always dreamed of.

Why Eyelash Extensions Aren’t Ideal

Many people buy eyelash extensions as a cost-effective means to lengthen eyelashes. However, eyelash extensions can come with several drawbacks. Eyelash extensions do not provide permanent benefits for your eyelashes because they are designed for short-term use. Because of this, people can end up spending substantial amounts of money on them. Another downside of eyelash extensions is they can damage your natural eyelashes. Eyelash extensions can be heavy, and the additional weight can be too much for your natural eyelashes, making them more brittle than before. Other issues that eyelash extensions can create may include

  • A difficult application process
  • Shedding
  • Disruption to your natural eyelash growth cycle
  • Harmful chemicals entering your hair follicles

How Our Office Can Help

If you’re looking for a long-term solution to your eyelash issues, Latisse® may give you what you’re looking for. Dr. Tarbet can provide Latisse® treatments if you’re struggling to grow beautiful, healthy eyelashes and are looking for natural and long-lasting results. The first step in learning if Latisse® is suitable for your needs is to schedule a consultation with our Bellevue office. Please reach out to us today by calling us at 425-455-2131.

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