How to prepare for an aesthetic consultation

Short-haired blonde looks tenderly at camera, dressed in white sundress with bare shoulders.Patients today have numerous non-surgical procedures and treatment options to help them achieve their aesthetic goals. Although you may not be preparing for a surgical procedure, it’s still very much important to prepare for an aesthetic consultation so that a treatment plan can be customized to suit your needs.

Here is a list of eight things you can do as you prepare for your consultation to maximize your time with your provider.

  1. Research the different procedures and treatment options so that you can come prepared with a foundational knowledge of what they entail.
  2. Write down all your aesthetic concerns and questions you have for the team. Ask about how the provider’s credentials and experience, if there will be any treatment prep or downtime with this treatment, benefits and potential risks involved. Also ask whether you are a good candidate for these treatment options.
  3. Bring in a list of medical history, current health concerns and all medications and supplements you are taking and dosages. Be sure to include information about your aesthetic treatment history, how many treatments you’ve had and how you’ve responded to those treatments.
  4. It’s important to share your present skincare regimen with your providers as well to ensure that your aesthetic treatment plan fits your expectations and needs.
  5. During your consultation, take mental notes. Does the provider make you feel welcome and at ease? Does she help you understand your options for treatment? Does she listen to your concerns and understand what you expect from the treatment plan?
  6. It’s important to understand that your treatment plan may involve a phased approach for gradual build-up and greater overall results.
  7. You will want to have a budget in mind for your aesthetic treatments and share this budget with your provider so that she can provide recommendations to meet your needs.
  8. When you leave your consultation, your next step is to set up the first appointment for treatment. Be sure to take your comprehensive plan home and look it over more closely and call the office with any further questions or concerns prior to treatment.

Non-surgical treatments options to improve your appearance have come a long way. Patients today have more options than ever to look and feel their best. Call 425-455-2131 to schedule an aesthetic consultation today.

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