Get Your Confidence Back With Laser Hair Removal

lady bathrobe in winter country house long tanned bare legsOur hair severs many vital functions. It keeps our hair warm, protects our eyes from dust and debris, and helps us to have confidence in our appearance. However, there are some instances where our hair can cause us issues. Unsightly body hair can cause our confidence to suffer, limiting our wardrobe options. Many over-the-counter products deal with unwanted body hair, but they have a high potential to cause adverse reactions. Dr. Tartbet’s approach keeps your needs in mind, ensuring a comfortable hair removal process that can produce high-quality results. If you’re looking to get rid of unwanted body hair and get your confidence back, here are ways that we can help and get rid of embarrassing body hair.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Unlike- over-the-counter hair removal options, laser Hair removal doesn’t expose you to harsh chemicals that can cause your skin issues. Our laser hair removal technology provides a safe and effective alternative to chemical hair removers.

Another benefit to laser hair removal is that it is a relatively pain-free option when compared to other methods. Some people rely on waxing or threading to deal with body hair. A common problem with these methods is that they can be painful and don’t solve the problem long-term. Laser hair removal provides results that last for a long time, meaning that it may be a while before you have to come in for a touch-up, which is helpful for those who want to break away from painful waxing and plucking.

What is Laser Hair Removal Like?

 While some people may be intimidated by the idea of having a laser on their skin, the process is relatively simple. The procedure involves targeting active hair follicles and disrupting their growth cycle. Each treatment aims to address hair at various points in its growth cycle, ensuring maximum efficiency. 

Some of the more common side effects of hair removal can include redness and swelling, which are usually minor and subside after several days. 

If you are looking for a better way to deal with unwanted hair, we can help. Please schedule a consultation with our office to learn more about how our laser hair removal treatments may be an option for you. Call our Bellevue location today at 425-455-2131.

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