Am I a candidate for laser hair removal?

young slender woman get hair removal procedure on legs. beauty cosmetic procedures in salon. beautiful woman has prefect smooth and soft skin on legsMany people seek laser hair removal because they want smooth skin but don’t want to continuously shave, pluck or wax the hair on their skin. Laser hair removal provides long-term results and benefits. Read on to learn more about who makes a good candidate for this treatment and why you should consider it.


Adults with darker, coarser hair often see the best results and quicker. It can work on richer skin tones and lighter hair color but works best when there is high contrast between hair and skin color. People with extremely light hair or extremely dark skin may not be good candidates for laser hair removal and this will be discussed during the consultation. 


In addition to providing smooth, softer skin, laser hair removal also leads to no more razor burn and a reduction in the number of ingrown hairs. Many people like the fact that it ends the nicks and cuts caused by shaving. 


While patients will need a minimum of 5-6 treatments, they will enjoy results after the very first session. Laser hair removal treats the hair that’s in the active growth phase, and only about 20-30 percent of hair is in this phase at any given time. After a session, treated hair follicles lose their potency, while hair that grows back in between treatment sessions comes in thinner and lighter. Once you’ve had enough treatments to achieve desired results, you may not need touch-ups for years. If you find a few hairs growing back, you may only need a quick treatment. 


Patients will experience minor redness and swelling at the treatment site that will subside after a few hours to a few days. Patients can return to their regular routines after treatment but will have post-care instructions to minimize any discomfort caused by the redness and swelling. 

To learn more about laser hair removal and whether you are a candidate for this treatment, call 425-455-2131 today to schedule a consultation.

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