What to Know About Fat Grafting

Fat Injections Bellevue WA If you have lost volume on your cheeks and face due to either extreme weight loss or age, you may want to consider getting fat injections done by Dr. Kristin Tarbet. During this procedure, fat will be extracted from certain parts of your body like your upper thighs, buttocks, and abdomen, and injected into your face. As a safe and efficient manner to plump up your face, this procedure may be the right solution for you. Read on to learn a bit more about fat grafting.

It Gets Rid of Excess Fat

When it comes to fat grafting, the main reason you are doing it is to add volume to your face and cheeks. However, the fat grafting process also involves getting rid of excess, unwanted fat from areas of your body like your abdomen, upper thighs, or legs. By surgically removing the fat from your body, you will notice a slimmer you in no time.

Results Take a Little Longer

Other than fat grafting, there is another popular option amongst our patients: fillers. Fillers give patients temporary results, but they typically start seeing changes just a few days after the injections are done. Whereas when it comes to fat grafting, it takes a few weeks until patients see the full results from their procedure.

It Lasts Longer Than Fillers

Although fillers show themselves sooner, the results from fat grafting last a lot longer. Fillers can last up to a year, whereas fat grafting itself can be permanent. With fat grafting, you can expect your body to absorb some of the fat for around six months after the procedure, but the rest of the results should stay intact.

Losing volume in your face can make you look a lot older than you are. However, by getting a fat grafting procedure done by Dr. Kristin Tarbet, you can not only plump up your face, but you can also get rid of unwanted fat from your body in the process. If you would like to learn more about fat grafting or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. Kristin Tarbet today!

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