“It has been six weeks since I received my makeover, by Dr. Kristin Tarbet, and I must say I am delighted with my results.

From my first visit to Dr. Tarbet’s office to now I have been impressed with their approach to helping us be all that we can be.

The staff are delightful, open and welcoming. If they’ve got any issues they are most certainly leaving them at home. I’ve made several visits now and that effervescence is a constant and really fun.

The follow up has been thorough, careful and understanding of my individual concerns. Because of my own pecadillos I needed to call outside of office hours and was able to do this and get help.

Here’s one of the most important aspect of this whole experience though for me personally. I WENT to get a quickie kind of face lift, even though I knew that it probably wouldn’t last long (so I’d read.) It seems to me that the cost was what I would have paid for a quickie facelift elsewhere

HOWEVER I got the whole full-up face lift that the best Hollywood geniuses would charge a zillion dollars for and I know I won’t need to get this work done ever again!

You can’t beat that. It is plain that Dr Tarbet is both skillful and caring and enjoys making her talents available at an affordable price! Whoopee!

You’d be rather silly to go anywhere else! By the way, the medical facility where you receive your care is amazing too. I was visited personally by TWO anesthetists and was given a warm blanket while I waited. Awesome!

Those are all the pros. Here’s the ONE con… don’t go in a tearing hurry. Dr. Tarbet treats every patient like a V.I.P and sometimes she runs just a few minutes behind schedule. Once you’ve experienced this kind of attention you will forgive all!”

~ Maggie

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