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What is Viora Reaction?

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Reaction™ combines the mechanism of advanced RF energy and vacuum therapy that work with the body’s natural regeneration process to deliver safe and efficient treatments for cellulite, body contouring and tightening of the skin.

What Can Viora Reaction Treat?

The New Generation in Body Contouring & Skin Tightening Treatments

Reaction™ offers multiple treatment applications for the industry’s most-wanted aesthetic treatments:

  • Cellulite treatment
  • Circumferential reduction
  • Skin-tightening for aging & lax skin on the face and body
  • Skin tightening treatment for the appearance of stretch marks

Benefits Of Viora Reaction

Viora Reaction™ has the ability to deliver safe and effective treatments with superior treatment control, precision targeting and broader dermal penetration for maximum results in minimal time. Simultaneously, the unique vacuum therapy maximizes the penetration of RF energy in the treatment area and also increases local blood circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage and assists in the shrinkage of fat cell volume.

Skin Tightening Before & After Photos

Skin Tightening Bellevue WA Skin Tightening Bellevue WA


Viora Reaction Treatment

The treatment is usually pretty comfortable. First, you may experience a deep sensation of heat, this is usually brief, that is can be adjusted to your comfort of tolerance. Facial treatments typically require 4-6 passes of radiofrequency energy. The tip of the device gives a cooling sensation while in contact with the skin. This tip cools and protects the epidermis while the radiofrequency energy penetrates deep into the skin to heat collagen fibers in the dermis and subcutaneous tissue. During body contouring treatments, the heat will be accompanied by a vacuum, which can also be adjusted for your comfort.

How Long Before Results Appear?

Viora stimulates collagen tightening the results in immediately visible improvements. However, this is often referred to as a Cinderalla Effect because initial skin tightening is only temporary. The best and longest-lasting results take time. A series of treatments promotes optimal collagen remodeling over several months. The full effects of this series of treatments may peak six to eight months later. With one to two touch-ups a year, these results can be conveniently maintained.

How Many Treatments Will be Needed?

Every person is different in how their skin responds to radiofrequency treatments. In many cases, we see optimal results when a series of approximately 6 treatments are performed. Sessions are scheduled 2 to 4 weeks apart depending on skin type. Depending on the patient’s goals, as few as 4 treatments may be recommended. Conversely, some patients need more than 6 sessions to achieve their desired outcome. We recommend the most appropriate number of Viora treatments based on a skin evaluation and thorough consultation in which we discuss concerns and objectives.

Who is a Candidate for the Viora Reaction Treatment?

Viora Reaction is a collagen-stimulating treatment that is appropriate for most people interested in smoothing and tightening their skin. Patients commonly treated with Viora fall between the ages of 30 and 70. Due to the type of energy the device delivers, treatment is suitable for all skin types and tones.Common treatment areas include:
  • Eyes
  • Chin
  • Upper lip
  • Neck
  • Full face
  • Knees
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Arms

Can Viora Reaction be Combined With Other Procedures?

Yes. Patients may combine Viora Reaction with both surgical and other nonsurgical treatments as desired to achieve more significant rejuvenating effects.

Viora Reaction Recovery

The Viora Reaction treatment has no downtime. Most patients return to their daily routine immediately after their treatment.


What Makes Viora Reaction Different?

Unlike any other system, Reaction™ is powered by patented CORE™ technology featuring 3 distinct RF modes as well as an innovative 4th dimension – multi-channel mode – that simultaneously incorporates all three treatment modes.


Side Effects Of Viora Reaction

As with any cosmetic procedure, there is the possibility of side effects. These side effects include:

  • swelling
  • redness
  • bruising

The redness usually subsides within a few hours after the treatment. The swelling usually goes away within a day but can last 3-5 days in some cases. The bruising can be caused by the vacuum during the treatment and usually subsides within a few days.

Is the Viora Reaction Treatment Painful?

When radiofrequency energy is applied, patients may feel a deep heating sensation. This indicates that strands of collages near the dermis are reaching the target temperature. When Viora is performed on the face, this temporary warming sensation is all that is felt. For some, it may be slightly uncomfortable but is typically not described as painful. This is because the applicator tip also cools the skin as radiofrequency is delivered. When Viora is performed for contouring as well as skin tightening, patients will feel warming and gentle suction. The vacuum can be adjusted as needed. During Viora treatments, patient-feedback on the level of heat they are experiencing allows the provider to customize care to an appropriate comfort level.

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