“Dr. Tarbet did everything that I needed and what was best for what I could afford and the results are great! Some plastic surgeons will say you get what you pay for and to look for someone that is not charging too little while using the term “Buyer Beware” I found after talking to Dr. Tarbet that I really needed my eyes worked on as they were what was making me look so sad and tired not just my skin that was beginning to sag around my jowls. She was right! This made a huge difference. So you see, sometimes the price over the phone is not always the price of the fix. It’s the consultation with the Doctor that really sums it up; it’s really not always about the price although for me that was a factor as well. Not everyone can afford to pay $10,000-$18,000 for the so called “best plastic surgeon” but they can afford to look real hard for a doctor who is proud of their work and can show pictures and give a few patient recommendations to back those pictures up. You will need to do your homework.. Sites such as is set up for doctors to brag on themselves, much like Facebook they have control what is said and not said. Most of all, take notes, many of my notes are as follows:

Not every plastic surgeon knows how to perform plastic surgery. Many, perhaps most, plastic surgeons are not skilled at these operations. Just because you see a nice before and after picture in a magazine or on a Web site does not mean that you can go to a plastic surgeon and get those same results. In fact, if you go to the very plastic surgeon whose nice work you saw, you still may not get the same nice results, because the operations don’t work equally well on everyone.

A surgeon does not necessarily get better with experience and age, look for one that is continually finding the newest techniques, one that can also do fat transfers, fillers and has the most sterile field of operation, knows how to pretreat you and is willing to go the extra mile after the surgery is completed.

Even if the surgeon has been in practice for years just remember some plastic surgeons turn out the same bad work for their entire careers. Just because a plastic surgeon can perform one operation competently does not mean he can perform all of them competently. The various operations require skills that are related, but different.

I felt that Dr. Tarbet didn’t do a one size fits all operation on me, i.e., lifestyle, mid-face, mini lift, etc., on the contrary, she used her expert skills to fit my unique needs. She specializes in the face and only the face and if your looking for a specialist, my recommendation is on that. Why would you want someone who spent more years in school to learn how to fix a deformity or reconstructing a body part or a doctor who is more apt to do more breast jobs than facelifts. My face looks young again, the way I envisioned it and I was able to pay for it without suffering a hardship because she used good judgment and what was necessary to fit my needs. In the end, I got excellent results and I don’t feel regrets on the money I spent.

One of the main things I talked about to her was that when i was young I was too busy and shy about myself to realize how pretty my face was. Because I always looked young for my age, I got used to hearing that. It wasn’t until recently that the aging process took a hold of my face. What Dr. Tarbet gave me was a change to go back and start enjoying myself more this time around. I feel that it’s important to feel good about how you look so you can give those good vibes from the inside as well. I’m looking forward to smiling at everyone I meet. Thank you Dr. Tarbet, you are on my list as one of the best in my book.”

~ Jeanette

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