“Since I was a teenager, I’ve been self conscious about my double chin. As I grew older, my double chin grew too. Every time I looked in the mirror, I saw my great-grandmother’s double chin! For my birthday, I decided to give myself what I’ve always wanted – a profile.

Initially, I was hesitant about having cosmetic surgery. I was concerned about the potential results, the healing time and the expense. Fortunately, I read about Dr. Tarbet, saw some of her amazing work and made an appointment.

My results look completely natural and the healing time was much shorter than I thought it would be. There are even medical payment plans now, so I didn’t have to take out a loan to make my dream come true.

I still can’t believe it’s me when I look in the mirror. I actually have more energy and a brighter outlook and can even wear necklaces and turtle necks again!

I can say without any hesitation that I would do this all over again – not to mention much sooner, if I would have known how great I would look and feel afterwards.”

~ Deb

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