Lip Enhancement

Lucy & Co Lip Plumper

Tiny microspheres carry the active ingredients…which break upon application to the lips. The active ingredients work to increase blood circulation to the lips causing them to swell. The broken microspheres fill up again by pulling in moisture from the air, continuing to increase volume to the lip tissue as well as keeping the plumping effect.

The product contains; Sodium Hyaluronate is a naturally occurring humectant that helps increase and maintain moisturization to keep lips hydrated and plump looking. Benzyl Nicotonate increases oxygen to the skin, thereby increasing blood flow to the area causing the lips to plump. Vanillyl butyl ether is derived from vanilla, provides the warm tingling effect and enhances the natural lip color. Silk amino acids, extracted from raw silk, these sweet amino acids help reinforce the moisture of the lips. Sunflower seed oil, one of the healthiest oils containing Vitamin E, this seed oil adds moisture and assists in smoothing the lip by turning over the dead skin cells.

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