Evisceration Vs. Enucleation

Medical Reconstructive Bellevue WAIf you have an eye tumor or condition that may require Dr. Kristin Tarbet to remove all of or part of your eyes, there are two major surgeries for you to consider: an evisceration and an enucleation. Each with their unique benefits, you and Dr. Tarbet will sit down to discuss which option is more feasible for you and your current condition. So, what are these surgeries and how do they compare to each other? This article will take a closer look at both evisceration and enucleation of the eye so that you can feel a bit more prepared for your appointment with Dr. Tarbet. Read on to learn more.


An evisceration surgery is when the inside contents of the eye— the cornea, lens, vitreous, retina, and iris— are removed, while the white shell of the eye is left in place. Once the inside portion of the eye has been withdrawn, a temporary artificial implant will be put into the inner portion of the eye. After about 6-8 weeks, the temporary implant will be removed, and the permanent prosthesis will be placed in the eye.

The benefits of an evisceration include:

  • It Can Be Done Under Local Anesthesia
  • Recovery Time is Fairly Short
  • Pain Is Low and Subsides After About 3-5 Days
  • Less Disruption of Orbital Tissues


If an evisceration can’t be done and the entire eye needs to be removed, then an enucleation will be done. This procedure is the last choice and is done to prevent the spread of cancer, alleviate pain due to glaucoma, or reduce the risk of “sympathetic” inflammation. As a much more invasive procedure, an enucleation will require a bit more recovery time. Luckily, with years of experience, Dr. Kristin Tarbet will ensure that your procedure goes as smoothly as possible so that you can get back on the road to recovery in no time.

Both an evisceration and an enucleation are eye surgeries done to remove tumors, infections, and get rid of the pain. If you or a loved one need to undergo one of these surgeries, contact Dr. Kristin Tarbet office today to set up a consultation appointment. During your consultation, you will go over your options so that you can feel more confident.

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