Treatments for dry eye syndrome

If you’ve ever felt the dry, red, itchy, gritty feeling in your eyes, then you most likely have experienced dry eye syndrome. While many people only experience occasional dry eye, it’s important to control the symptoms so it doesn’t lead to vision problems later. Read on to learn more about dry eye treatments that can drastically improve your quality of life.

Signs and symptoms

The most common signs and symptoms of dry eye include redness, dryness, itchiness, scratchiness, excessive tearing or watering of the eyes, or the feeling that there is a foreign body in your eyes. You may find trouble with nighttime driving or wearing contacts. Some people have a sensitivity to light or blurred vision. The symptoms of dry eye usually affect both eyes.

Diagnosis and treatment

During your eye exam, your doctor will do a number of tests to measure the quality and volume of your tears. Treatments may consist of at-home treatments such as prescription medications, or in-office laser treatments, gland debridement or Meibomian Gland imaging.

Preventing dry eye

If you experience dry eyes, it’s important to avoid or reduce exposure to the situations that may cause symptoms. Avoid air blowing directly in your eyes, including air conditioners or fans. Add a humidifier to your home to add moisture to dry indoor air. Protect your eyes with sunglasses that block wind and dry air.

Take eye breaks when you are working on a computer or reading for long periods of time. Put your computer screen at eye level to help you open your eyes wider. And be sure to use over-the-counter eyedrops, also known as artificial tears, as needed to keep your eyes lubricated.

Preparing for your appointment

It’s a good idea to be prepared for your appointment with your doctor. Be sure to write down all the symptoms you’re experiencing, even those you may think aren’t related. Bring a list of all medications and vitamins you’re taking. Write down all your questions.

If you suffer from dry eye and are need of treatment, call 425-455-2131 today for a consultation.

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